• It’s About Time

    …you enjoy delicious chef prepared meals

  • It’s About Time

    …where convenience meets nutritious on the go meals

  • It’s About Time

    …a grocery meets a restaurant


    About Food Hall

    Food Hall wanted to redefine the way we shop for groceries. The goal is to revolutionize the supermarket industry to cater for the new generation of consumer and ever-changing conditions in a post-pandemic era. Designed with the experience in mind, we are pleased to introduce Trinidad & Tobago’s first grocerant where you can get chef prepared meals along with all your other grocery essentials. We look forward to welcoming you to experience All things Food!

    Food Hall: a grocery meets a restaurant


    Our aim is to be the benchmark for delicious foods while ensuring quality and affordability, delivering customer experiences and high levels of employee engagement.


    To establish a new standard for the grocery shopping experience by offering all things food in a clean, modern and engaging environment, with focus on quality, value, customer experience and efficiency.

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